The technology in wastewater transport and treatment is ever evolving: so too are the demands on the pipe required to transport it.

Some of the earliest and most successful installation applications of FLOWTITE FRP/GRP pipe have been in wastewater applications, where the sulfuric acid in concentrated sewerage degrades many traditional pipe materials.

Fibreglass pipe is proven for pressure sewer and gravity sewer applications and provides the corrosion resistance of plastic piping combined with the strengths and stiffness required for buried and above ground pressure piping systems.

FRP pipe can be coupling jointed for long term buried differential settlement flexibility or laminate joined (welded) for axial restraint. Lightweight and ease of installation are further advantages of Flowtitie pipe systems.

FRP pipe is proven in major wastewater treatments around New Zealand including Mangere in Auckland, Seaview in Wellington and Bromley in Christchurch.

Maskell also produces a manhole range that is light weight and restrained against bouyancy with inlets and outlets that are integral and the manholes are pre-benched.

The durability and versatility of FLOWTITE pipe has earned it a solid reputation for widespread use in many of New Zealand's recent large-scale wastewater projects.

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