With lightweight material, low head loss, easy and fast installation, and a range of diameters and pressure classes to fit all needs, FLOWTITE pipes ensures stable water supply for irrigation projects.

The ever-increasing demand on New Zealand's agricultural sector means that irrigation now plays a pivotal role in increasing the yield of established crops and turning marginal land into a profitable asset.

Pipes constitute a major cost item in irrigation projects. The composite material used in FLOWITE GRP pipe provides high mechanical strength with low maintenance costs, flexibility against overload peaks and corrosion resistance, giving them a long, cost-effective service life.

Due to our country's varied geography siphon lines in irrigation systems often cross steep valleys, water or unstable ground. Thanks to its light weight, FLOWTITE GRP pipes allow easy transportation and safe installation, even on steep slopes or in uneven landscapes. They are widely used in main transmission lines, network lines and pumping lines in irrigation projects.

FLOWTITE GRP pipes are increasingly replacing traditional metallic, ductile iron-based pipes, and conventional open canals to become the preferred solution for irrigation pressure systems.

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