The patented process used to create FLOWTITE's incredibly strong GRP pipe and the high level of resistance to corrosion makes them an ideal choice for hydropower penstock applications.

Flowtite pipe is proven for over 30 years in hydropower penstock applications globally with operating heads over 300 metres.

With over 50 per cent of the country's electricity generated through hydro generation, New Zealand's hydroelectric industry is under constant pressure from shareholders, government and the public to maximise efficiencies, reduce waste and maintain New Zealand's "100% Pure" image.

With FLOWTITE GRP pipe, penstocks for hydropower applications can be installed both in trenches and above ground. FLOWTITE offers an extensive range of pipe diameters, fittings and accessories. The flexibility of the material means that we can manufacture fittings based on customers' site specific needs.

The unique characteristics of GRP mean that the pipe qualities remain stable over time and in varying climates. Its light weight makes it easier to handle and install, particularly in the difficult terrain often required of hydropower penstocks.

This means a long service life and lower operational and maintenance costs. And because FLOWTITE GRP pipe displays no corrosion, it provides  an environmentally friendly solution for New Zealand's hydropower applications.

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Case Studies

Esk Hydro Project, Hawkes Bay

esk6In 2012, a power company developed two high-head power stations in Hawkes Bay, named The Esk Project after the Esk Valley near the site. Maskell supplied the two penstocks in FRP/GRP Flowtite pipe for both the Rimu and Toronui stages of the project.

Maskell was selected for this aspect of the project, as both Maskell and Flowtite have proven experience in the supply of fibreglass pipe for penstocks projects. Flowtite pipe has also been used internationally in both above ground and underground hydropower applications.


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