Bridge & Tunnel

New Zealand's continued economic success relies on the country's ongoing investment in its metropolitan and main trunk infrastructure. Because of New Zealand's naturally varied terrain, bridges and tunnels are often a cost-effective and logical solution for large projects. Utilising the unique properties of FLOWTITE pipe can enhance many of these solutions.

The GRP material used to fabricate FLOWTITE pipe is durable and resistant to corrosion in any of New Zealand's environments. In addition, it is suitable for both buried and aboveground service, making it a strong choice for construction that may require both types of installation. Its light weight makes it comparatively easy to transport and handle.

The long pipe length and the flexibility provided by both standard and customised fittings and accessories means that FLOWTITE GRP piping is a viable solution for bridge and tunnel work.

Maskell provide stormwater collection and firewater piping systems for bridge and tunnel applications.

FRP stormwater collection systems can include fibreglass channels to collect stormwater then pipework and storage tanks to contain peak rainfall events. Fibreglass is also suitable for oily water and a range of chemicals which could be spilled during service.

Fibreglass pressure piping provides an ideal solution for buried firewater hydrant systems to minimise system losses and provide a non-corroding pipe system. 


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