FLOWTITE New Zealand

Maskell Productions is proud to be the New Zealand agent for FLOWTITE pipe. A family-run business, Maskell has been responsible for FLOWTITE's significant growth in the New Zealand GRP pipe market. We have won the confidence of many engineers by demonstrating FLOWTITE's superior strength and versatility in comparison to many traditional piping solutions.

Maskell Productions' dedicated team of sales and technical support staff members can provide you with:

  • Full assistance to ensure the selection of the best solutions for your project;
  • Configuration of the installation and calculation of supports and anchorages;
  • Hydraulic calculations;
  • Stress analysis for underground and aboveground installations;
  • And remote or onsite installation training, advice and support.

Our team has been involved with many of New Zealand's major piping projects.

1/ Project Manukau: $390m upgrade of Mangere WWTP, completed in 1998, with GRP pipe DN450-DN2200.

2/ Christchurch DN750 gravity sewer pipeline which survived the major earthquakes in an area of significant liquefaction and lateral spreading.

3/ Gisbourne WWTP upgrade of 2010, which utilised fibreglass for all buried and above ground plant piping, a DN750 gravity sewer, DN500 pressure sewer main and 20 pump stations and manholes.

4/ Te Mihi Geothermal Power Station cooling water, non-condensing gas and intercooler piping ranging from DN100 to DN2800 pipe.

5/ Mt Hutt Hydro Scheme penstocks using DN450-DN500 Flowtite pipe to DN32.

6/ Christchurch rebuild main pressure sewer replacement using DN1200 Flowtite pipe for future earthquake seismic resilience.

7/ Te Mihi Steamfield re-injection pipeline utilising Flowtitie pipe for the agressive, elevated tempaerature pressure system, DN500-DN800.


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